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New Study: Millennials Want Personal Style Over Luxury For Their Wedding

For certain generations when it comes to walking down the aisle, name brands and lux pieces are the way to go. Millennials scoff at this and would rather make it a more personal experience. Not so surprising for a group also known as the “Me Generation.”

This can mean that instead of a traditional catered chicken or steak dinner, bride and grooms are choosing to have smaller stations of tapas and tacos. DIY projects replace the meticulously arranged flowers as centerpieces and a DJ list may be pulled directly from the couples iPod. Wedding rings aren’t just purchased off the shelf, but customized.

Customizing your ring can actually be a wonderful choice. It’s something you or your loved one will wear for the rest of their life, every day, so it should reflect their personal style more than any other purchase. While the wedding lasts a day, the ring lasts forever.

Diamond Ideals can make a ring to your specifications, based on your personalities and personal story. You can create the setting, choose the stone, and do it all within your price range. We’ll guide you along the way and work patiently until it is perfection. For more information, please click here.

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