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Trend Alert: Colored Stones Take Place of Diamonds on Engagement Rings

The big trend in engagement jewelry may surprise you. While the diamond has traditionally reigned as the go to precious stone for center stage, colored stones are becoming much more popular.

The culprit? The 18 carat sapphire Prince William planted on Kate Middleton, that used to belong to Diana. Is this the right look for you and what are your options?

Sapphires, influenced by the royals, are the most on trend. They are also the easiest gems to find, making them more available to the masses. But you have plenty of options.

Colored stones can be an interesting look, but depending on your choice you could spend more than you would on a diamond. The price of gems depends on their availability. Jessica Simpson was just given a ruby engagement ring, something more rare and therefore more costly than a diamond. The emerald is also more expensive and comes with the problems of being less durable than a diamond and susceptible to chipping.

This should be kept in mind when shopping for a colored stone. You should also have an eye open for intensity of color. Do not choose a sapphire that is too dark and make sure the stone is not cloudy. With a ruby, look for less pink versions.

Diamond Ideals can customize any engagement ring and work with you to find the perfect stone.